Friday, June 10, 2011

Just Like Riding A Bike....

4:32 pm “Flight was canceled, won’t get home until late tonight/tomorrow. Love you”

5:06 pm #$% thought Daddy was picking up munchkins @ 2:00 pm after a week away…

5:07 pm: FREAK this means no Friday night Margarita Book Club

5:08 pm: Is it appropriate to have a complete melt down at work?

5:09 pm: I have nothing on the menu for kids dinner

5:10 pm: “Ummm…no problem, I can get that 3 year projected product profit margin by top of next week…”

5:15 pm: Would it be weird if someone found me lying in the fetal position in my cube?

5:16 pm: “Oh, yes…totally will review that project scope change by EOD. So sorry…did I not make it clear that my EOD is 11:59 PT?”

5:25 pm: Take a deep breath Sam…it is Friday, and traffic is bound to cooperate (because who the hell is still in rush hour on a Friday at this time??) You will totally get to day care by 6:00 pm…no $1 for every minute post…ludicrous.

6:01 pm: Sister-try diligently to suppress the guilt because you munchkins are the last to be picked up….

6:32 pm: MINIMAL guilt as munchkins are watching “a show!” while I try and figure out what I can feed you.

6:333 pm: Someone is looking out for Mommi…found a hiding bottle of wine in the top shelf.

My hair hasn’t been washed in 3 days, going on an average of 4 hours of sleep over the past 6 weeks. Is it strange that this is so completely unhealthy or that I can go on autopilot because this feel so natural?

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